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Well, good morning!

By Tara Zandra | June 13, 2009

Major coughing fit woke me a few minutes before 6, so here I am! It kind of works out though. I’ve been going without an alarm all week to get the most amount of sleep which means Daisy has been waking me up. Well, she then wants to immediately sit on my lap and have milk and then just continue to sit while she finishes waking up. That hasn’t been working for me this week because you know how the coughing is always worse when you first wake up? Well that’s made it hard to have her sit on my lap and she gets kind of pissy that I cough for 15 minutes while she’s trying to relax. So I’d rather be up early and have my time alone to read blogs and have a diet coke, and cough.

The persistently cloudy weather has really affected Tabitha’s mood. She’s been fairly depressed all week and I miss her normal disposition. I was trying to think of something to pull her out of it by the end of the week and finally got something on Friday. First, we started the day with Jamba Juice which both kids had just asked for not two weeks ago so they were pleasantly surprised. After lunch we all made Strawberry-Shortcake Cookies (side review, they are more like scones in texture and I had to cook them for roughly less than recommended as they burned very easily. I will make them again, but perhaps a lower temp would be better). Then for the afternoon, I instructed the girls to dress their American Girl dolls in their finest outfits and I set up a table in the living room with my good, lace tablecloth and napkins and they had 4 o’ clock tea. I gave them crustless cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches on white bread, the strawberry-shortcake cookies, and fruite kabobs of grapes and banana. For “tea” they had cran-raspberry juice. They loved it! I know Tabi is 10, but 10 year olds still like little girl things when you let them. She and her sister had a lovely tea and I really think it brightened Tabitha’s day, which was my entire goal. She should be okay now because she has something to do today and tomorrow and a day camp to look forward to all week. The weather will probably be a non-issue. For her anyway, I’m still annoyed by it :)

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One Response to “Well, good morning!”

  1. Aunt Kari Says:
    June 13th, 2009 at 6:57 am

    “Tea” party - cute idea. My 10 year old granddaughter is coming to visit next week, I think we should have a “tea” party.