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By Tara Zandra | June 10, 2009

That’s me in a nutshell. Monday morning I was nauseus, all over body achy, head pounding, slightly stuffy nose, killer sore throat, and almost no voice. Tuesday I was mercifully free of all but a small sore throat and slightly stuffy nose. Today I just have a lovely hacking cough. It’s bad enough that I will most definitely be taking Nyquil to get through the night. But compared to how I felt for most of Monday, I’m considerably better. If I’m going to get sick, it’s nice of my immune system to kick it into overdrive and make it a short illness (knock on wood).

Since I was feeling so much better today and we had nowhere to go, we got a lost of lessons done today. Tabitha and I are basically done with Greece. There are a few loose ends we want to tie up and still need to take a couple field trips, but for the most part we were ready to move on in Story of the World. Of course, each new chapter shows me a new place I want to visit. Where is that lottery win that will allow me to constantly travel the world?

Daisy is doing so well with her reading that I’m antsy for her to finish this set of books so we can move on. She hardly pauses at all over her words and reads confidently. We’re still a ways from her being an independant reader in that she doesn’t know long vowels, but her progress makes me smile as big as I can :D She also enthusiastic to read now so those few bumps in the road from half a year ago are long gone, at least for now.

We worked on a science experiment this afternoon designed to show various stages of matter. Rather than just freeze and/or boil water, this activity had Tabitha melt wax to a liquid, then make her own dipped candle and end by burning it to turn the solid wax into a gas. We also used the left over wax to make a molded candle in the shape of a heart thanks to a big cookie cutter I have.

That’s about all I have in me tonight so I’ll sign off.

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