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weekend the past

By Tara Zandra | May 11, 2009

So, aside from the crazy lizard escapade of today, we had a fun weekend.

Saturday, I accompanied Tabitha’s Girl Scout troop to the Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens. We went to work on a badge called Earth Connections. The Huntington provides an info packet explaining how to complete the badge in their gardens. Except, they didn’t have the packet we needed despite my having called to verify it would be there. So we were thrown for a bit of a loop. The leader and I brainstormed and thankfully I remembered visiting an area last year that would just fit the bill for the badge requirements. In the end, I would say the girls earned the badge in the spirit is was intended if not perhaps to the exact letter of the requirements. But the girls had a great time and in the process we even completed another badge that the information booth did have a packet to give us. So all was not lost.

While I was traipsing through various gardens, Chris was attending a birthday party for one of Daisy’s friends who turned 3. It was Peter Pan themed and a costume party so Miss Daisy wore her Tink’s arrival day dress again. According to the accounts I heard, Daisy had a great time, but how could she not with chocolate covered strawberries on the menu?

We met up at home around 2:30 and then just had time to catch our breath before heading out again. We went to the girls’ dance studio because they were having an open house with free classes to try something new. Tabitha had been toying with the idea of taking jazz so that’s what she wanted to try out. As of today, she is still not sure if she’s going to take any dance and is actually leaning towards no, but it’s not decided yet. We did go ahead and put Daisy back into dance for the fall through the studio. They opened a class during the day and with it not interfering with dinner, it will really cut back on the stress for me. Tabitha and I can use that time to either do a few lessons, or even use it as vegging out time in that she can always bring her DS or a book. I think it will work out okay for which I’m glad because I felt bad for Daisy possibly having to quit her class.

Sunday was, of course, Mother’s Day. Tabitha had made lots of little notes for me and left them various places in my room and bathroom so I would find them while I was getting ready in the morning. It was a lovely start to the day. I had a date with my own mom that day, so I got myself ready and headed out to pick her up. I had made reservations for us at a tea house for a nice, formal tea. We had salad with raspberry vinaigrette, veggie quiche, scones with various toppings, fruit bowl, sandwiches, and desserts. We ended up both taking home desserts because it was just too much, especially since we each had 4 cups of tea in addition to water. We had strawberry peach tea and also passion fruit tea. It was all very delicious though I don’t feel the owner was quite as professional as I would have expected. I think I would go back though, knowing ahead of time what the owner is like.

After tea, we went back to my mom’s house and chatted for another almost 2 hours before I took my leave. When I got home, there was a little surprise waiting for me on the table in the form of 3 cards from my family. Plus, Tabitha had made me a small clay heart with the word Mom etched into it. Daisy card was handmade, Tabitha went for the “I’m weird because I get it from you” funny card, and Chris went for the sex joke card (complete with music!). It all gave me wonderful feelings of my family.

I spent the next hour blasting music and cleaning the house because that’s what I do when I’m alone for some reason. Eventually Chris called me (oh, I forgot to say, he and the girls were at his parents’ house celebrating with my MIL), and said I could join them for dinner as long as I was willing to sing for my supper as they were playing karaoke on the PS2. So he came and picked me up and I jumped right in singing “Take My Breath Away.” Sadly, it was nowhere near my best score on the game. Then it was off to Acapulco’s for dinner before home and kids to bed. Chris and I watched the Amazing Race finale before calling it a night.

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