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By Tara Zandra | July 18, 2006

I subscribe to an email newsletter than sends me little tid-bits about my baby’s growth once a week. This week is about talking. It says, and I quote:

“You can label sensations, as in, “The sidewalk feels hot,” or objects: “See the airplane?” When you push your child in a stroller or walk with her in a backpack, take time to point out the things you see. You don’t have to go on and on — just make her aware of what’s around. Try to use normal speech instead of baby talk. Soon she’ll take the lead and point out familiar objects without your prompting.”

Uh-huh. I’ve been through this before. Do you know what this leads to? Running commentary. Non-stop running commentary. Here are two actual examples of Tabitha-speak circa March and April 2001 (she was 2 and 2 months) taken from my journaling:

“We in the car. We all going on a big drive to see family. We going to Arizona. Want to go to Arizona, want to see family. Cat not going to Arizona, doggie not going to Arizona. Cat at home, doggie at home, fish at home. Fish is Lucky fish. Bye Lucky! Bye Alex! Bye doggie! We going to see family in Arizona.”

“Daddy not here. Daddy’s at work. Mommy not at work. Mommy home with me. But Daddy goes to work. Bye Daddy! Mommy, you stay and play with me. We play games, Daddy can’t play games, he’s not here. Daddy at work.”

Why would I want to go through that again? I’ve barely gotten Tabitha to stop pointing out the obvious, I sure as heck don’t need Daisy picking up that little habit. Oh, sure, her talking is cute now. She hits her sister and then says “Mama! Hit!” She spits at me and says “Mama! Spit!” and sometimes she’s not tattling on herself and will tell me things like “Oh-no! Blanket! I got it! Got it.” See, already repeating herself. She points out “mama coke” and “is daddy bag” and “see crayon, is crayon” so really, she’s already doing it and it will lead to more commentary. I certainly don’t need to encourage such a thing by pointing out the obvious to her. I have no idea why I was ever worried about this kid’s language skills.

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