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let the sun shine in

By Tara Zandra | May 8, 2009

It was a gorgeous day for Park today. The warmth chased a few people away so we only had a small group, but that’s okay because the three of us had a lovely time. We stayed a little over 2 hours before heading home for lunch. At that point, the heat suddenly got to us and we all kind of wilted. I changed into comfy clothes as soon as I got home and the girls grabbed Otter Pops to enjoy while I made lunch.

Tabitha opted not to go to gymnastics today so our afternoon was lazy. I even laid down on my bed for awhile with Daisy. I didn’t really intend to sleep, but the breeze wafting through the window kind of lulled me into a light doze. Daisy put a pillow on my abdomen and curled up in a little ball and relaxed. I called her my lap cat and absentmindedly played with her ponytail.

Chris joined me as soon as he got home but eventually Daisy turned it into rough housing and I needed to work on dinner anyway. The girls had English muffin pizzas which they both declared delicious. I don’t know how Tabitha is 10 and I’ve never made them for her but at least she’s had them now.

After dinner, Chris and I worked for about an hour as tomorrow is our annual Saturday Clean-Up meaning the trash company will come take anything non-hazardous that we leave on the curb. Normally, they will only take what’s in the trash cans, so this is a chance to get rid of large items like chairs and such. Thankfully, a lot of our stuff is picked up the night before by people who go scouring the neighborhood to see if there is anything they can use. I’d love for everything to go because I hate the idea of it going to a landfill. One neighbor even picked up some big metal poles we had because he recycles metal. More power to him, I say.

After we were done with that, the girls put on a little show for us using singing toys. Daisy was the opening act on her keyboard and then Tabitha did most of the staging of the toys. There was much giggling behind the curtain so apparently back stage was a fun place. Chris and I were even given stickers as a momento at the end of the show.

And now we’re watching Dodgers for a bit, then we’ll probably watch a couple shows and head to bed. We do not get to rest tomorrow as we each have to take one kid to a different activity.

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