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We played

By Tara Zandra | May 6, 2009

That’s pretty much what occurred today. First the girls played together on Webk!nz for about 90 minutes, then they went into the living room for some odd imagination game they play that is called Daisy Fish. I cannot explain why, all I know is they use a toy fishing rod, lots of small toys, and definitely not inside voices. They ate lunch after a while during which Tabitha played Sim Town for a Girl Scout badge, believe it or not. It had to do with playing a game that calls for creating a city or country from scratch and governing people. Sim Town fits the bill for that one. Anyway, as soon as lunch was done, we walked to McDonald’s where Daisy played in the playplace. Tabitha and I discussed her science curriculum.

We’ve been using a rocks and minerals study that sounds great on paper. But Tabitha wasn’t retaining a single thing. We actually decided to start over with a slightly different approach but honestly, it was quite apparent that it just isn’t interesting nor doing it’s job. I mean, Tabitha picked out the subject because she loves rocks and wants to know about them and this just bored her. She’ll be taking a gems and minerals class later this year and I’m betting that will teach her more than this program did and she’ll have a great time learning. So we’re going to just take a general approach to science but the program I have all picked out is rather pricey so it will have to wait a bit to be purchased. I don’t need to worry too much though since Tabitha reads non-stop and actually has a wealth of science information in her.

So once we were home from McD’s there was a request to go to a certain park so off we went. I took my Rainbow Resource homeschooling catalog with me and plopped myself in the shade to do research. I was looking not just at the aforementioned science, but also music history, a study of the 50 states plus a California study.

We actually got home after Chris and then headed out to dinner which was a mistake for a few reasons but I can’t take it back now so there you go.

Home again and the girls decorated the driveway with chalk while I watered the grass. Then it was a bubble bath for the little one and then bed, which the big one soon followed.

Right now I’ve finished adding all my curriculum desires to my Rainbow Resource wish list and slightly played on facebook. Not sure how much time is left in Lost, but I can kill time by going to wash my face before I get Chris’s attention again :)

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