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By Tara Zandra | May 5, 2009

The title means nothing, it’s just hard to think of something every single day.

I got off to a great start by actually dragging myself out of bed and doing my yoga and a workout. I’ve been off the last couple of days and hadn’t been doing my yoga thinking it would be better to sleep in. Instead, today I felt really good after I was done. I just need to remember that feeling when the alarm goes off so darn early :) The only reason I do it so early in the morning is because I need to be completely out of the shower when Daisy gets up and sometimes she wakes as early as 7:15. But it’s good anyway because I enjoy having a lot of solitude in the mornings before I have to be “on” and be Mom again. Of course, today both girls slept until past 8:30 so I had a leisurely morning before just getting bored and doing laundry and other mundane tasks waiting for them.

Eventually our day got going. Tabitha worked on violin theory, violin practice, French, math, ancient history, grammar, and spelling. Daisy spent the day playing with a flat sheet of cardboard. We have a box of cardboard because I’m making the girls stick horses and we couldn’t get just one sheet, we had to get 10. So we have 9 leftover 3′x4′ sheets of cardboard and Daisy asked for one. It was mainly her boat which also included needing her pillow so maybe it was a house boat? Just listening to her chatter to herself reminded me so much of myself. I was very imaginative as a child and since I was an only child for so long, naturally I knew how to play by myself. I very much remember talking all my play out and not needing very much to make my storyline happen. I had Barbies and dolls and such, but I rarely made them talk to each other. Most of my scenarios were me talking to imaginary people, without me actually having imaginary friends. I mean, not a set imaginary friend with a name and all that. I definitely enjoy listening to Daisy play with her imagination as she says :)

After lunch, Tabitha was done with lessons though, so she and Daisy played together for quite some time before we had to leave. They usually play together during the day, but maybe for an hour. Today it was pretty much every minute that Tabitha wasn’t doing lessons or in a class. They made plans to delay lessons tomorrow and go on Webk!nz together first thing in the morning.

I just love how well they get along! Sure Tabitha goes through phases where she doesn’t really want to play with Daisy, but overall, she is simply the best big sister any little girl could have.

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