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1 hour after written

By Tara Zandra | May 1, 2009

My site won’t let me on to blog so I’m typing this up in Word. We’ll see if it gets uploaded tonight or not.

We started off the morning going to Tabitha’s book club. Daisy and I needed to run to Target so we just dropped Tabitha off. After book club it was off to the park for a couple hours. I had a few lovely conversations with various friends and the girls thoroughly enjoyed themselves with their friends as well. They came home hot, sweaty and dirty- sure signs of a successful play time :)

We came home for lunch and an hour and a half of relaxation and then we went to a makeup violin lesson for Tabitha. Usually I read to Daisy while we’re at violin but today I was a bit tired so she played with toys while I indulged in “Murder in Mesopotamia.” Right after violin it was straight to gymnastics for Tabitha. Since it was extra for waiting around for Daisy today, we brought Chris’s ipod and Daisy sat and watched a few TV shows while I watched Tabitha’s class. I had brought a small folding chair for Daisy as she gets uncomfortable on the gym’s stools and she thought that was great. She was perfectly set and comfy. She also sang along to the opening song of Handy Manny which cracked me up since she was unaware that I was watching her.

Then it was home where Chris was waiting for us. Everyone had to change and then we went to my in-laws’ for a visit with relatives that are in town this weekend. I had never met them and Chris hadn’t seen them since he was 3 or something like that. I must say they were lovely people and it was an enjoyable evening. We went out to Chinese food, my BIL joined us there, and there was much laughter at the table. They were almost embarrassingly complimentary about my children’s behavior and beauty so of course they are my new favorite people, lol.

By the time we left the restaurant it was past nine so we went straight home and put both girls to bed. We rarely put them to bed at the same time but Tabitha had had such a long day and it was physically demanding on top of her not getting enough sleep last night. Thankfully we haven’t heard a peep from either so I’m guessing they left each other alone and went to sleep.

Chris and I watched the Dodgers win and now we’re contemplating if we’re too full for Samba de Amigo or not. I think we need to work off dinner so we should probably play.

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