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quick rundown

By Tara Zandra | July 18, 2006

Chris had plans with a friend after work on Friday so the girls and I picked up food and headed to his work to join him for lunch so we’d get to see him that day. It was nice and something I’d do again, but maybe not on a Friday with traffic.

Saturday morning Tabitha had hula rehearsal. They couldn’t do it at the studio because of parking lot work so we headed to a park which was quite pleasant. Chris, Daisy and I grabbed lunch and then went back to the park. Daisy had fallen asleep on the way so we put her in her stroller and Chris and I sat on bench in the shade and just talked for a bit until Tabi was done. We then did regular errand type stuff- Target, Henry’s, shoes for me. Actually I got my Crocs and I’m unsure about them. I wore them all day Sunday and neither my feet nor my legs felt any fatigue whatsoever and that is wonderful and why we bought them. But, there’s a spot that completely rubs against me and I actually have twin blisters, one on each foot, and that goes against everything I’ve ever heard about the shoes. I think it’s me though because when I just stand still none of my foot touches any part of the shoe (as the website says is the way they are supposed to fit) but when I walk, there’s that rubbing. So do I just walk funny? I don’t know. But I’m trying to figure out what to do about that.

Anyway, Saturday night my mom came over and baby-sat while Chris and I went out to see Kathy Griffin. We love her comedy, celebrity gossip is always fun. We had a really good time and I’m so glad we went.

Sunday we headed out to a Hawai’ian festival as the halau was going to perform. It went off really well and everything danced just lovely. We opted not to stay after Tabitha was done because we wanted to head to Disneyland. We didn’t get there until 2:30 which is way later than we usually do. It was blazing hot, of course, but we’re just happy to be there. We only stayed 3 or 4 hours and grabbed fast food for dinner on the way home. It had been such a long weekend that even Chris and I were in bed at 9:30pm, lol.

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