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Up and Down

By Tara Zandra | April 24, 2009

I got up and did yoga this morning, but not a workout as I simply don’t have that luxury on Fridays. For the first morning this week, I felt at least a little bit at peace as I sat with my green tea. Much more inner calm than I’ve experienced in the last two months. I think yesterday was a very good thing. But then the hours of 8:30am-12:30pm were not so good. I don’t need to go into details it was just lots of stuff that added up to me being very annoyed. Not stressed at least, just annoyed. But it all smoothed out and things were good again.

Tabitha had a birthday party to attend and it happened to be located near one of the big Joann’s stores so Daisy and I went straight there after dropping Tabitha off. We spent over an hour and never even left the fabric section. She picked out a watermelon fabric that she loved immediately. I went ahead and got it since it was a fabulous price and will work very well for a pattern I already have but haven’t sewn yet. It’s Burda though so I’ll need luck on my side to get it done. I also picked up two pre-shirred panels for Daisy to be little sundresses. One is Tinkerbell and the other is princesses and they even come already hemmed. Easy peasy. I’ll probably add matching capris at some point as well so they get more wear than just the summer. Plus, the capris will jazz up what would otherwise be a fairly plain shift dress.

Daisy and I went to Toys R Us next door and looked around for about half an hour. She picked out a book and then quickly lost interest in the rest of the store. Instead we headed back to the party location and then sat in the car reading her new book until the party ended.

Chris was waiting for us when we returned home. We had a quick dinner of veggie burgers and then I decided I needed to go back to the fabric store because I wanted to make a hat to match the watermelon dress. Since the sale ends tomorrow, I really wanted to check tonight in case my local Joann’s didn’t have it and then I’d know to head to a different one tomorrow. But luck was with me and they had it plus Tabitha and I found another pre-shirred fabric but this time it was long enough to be a dress for her. So I picked that up as well as the pattern for the hat. It’s also Burda so I will probably be tearing my hair out by the end of the week. Plus, I’ll be working on a pretty complicated Aurora-inspired dress for Tabitha that not only uses stretch velvet, but also does not have a pattern but comes from my own mind’s eye. I don’t think it will be too hard which guarantees it will give me fits.

Both kids are in bed, just waiting for the Dodgers to clinch their win and then I can settle in with Chris. I’m in need of a bit of a shoulder rub this evening so hopefully he’ll want to oblige. Oh yeah, and I need to have my second cup of green tea.

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