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mm-mm good

By Tara Zandra | April 18, 2009

Yesterday was our egg hunt for Park Day. We had a decent turn out and all the kids loved taking off to gather their eggs. We simply limit each child to one dozen so they each get to pick and choose as opposed to making it a free for all which would not work with so many ages. My girls were pleased with their booty which included bubbles. So I spent and enjoyable few minutes blowing bubbles for Daisy and a couple of her friends. I think we need to have a full on “bubble day” at park one of these times. Tabitha got a punch balloon and Daisy did not, but I happen to have two punch balloons in my balloon stash and was able to make her smile by blowing it up for her today.

Today Chris and Tabitha went to the symphany, kinda. It’s called Bernstein Beat and features music by Leonard Bernstein but the program is completely geared for children. They explain various aspects of the music to the kids so they can understand and appreciate it. Great idea. Chris received the tickets free from work so it was a great way to try something out that we normally may not have done. After the concert, they went to lunch and then Chris dropped Tabitha off at her best friend’s house for an overnighter before he came home to me and Daisy.

Daisy and I didn’t do too much while they were gone. She had me build her a train track and she spent time with that before she had lunch. She played a bit more while I worked on our menu and shopping list for the week then she and I went out to Target to get a couple items. Daisy asked to look at toys but she lost interest as soon as we got to the Littlest Pet Shop aisle and I informed her I wasn’t buying any. She was pretty much ready to go after that. I had parked by the garden center so at least she enjoyed looking through there at all the fountains, flowers and outdoor furniture. Do other people’s kids like furniture as much as mine do? Both my girls love to look at furniture for some reason. Of course, so do I, but I think it’s unusual for a child.

After Target we went to the grocery store and then we came home and baked banana nut bread together. Chris was home by then so he was happy to hear of our baking. After it was in the oven, the three of us ran to Fresh and Easy because they carry tahini and I’ve been wanting to make hummus. While there we also picked up basil tomato veggie chips to go in the hummus. Daisy and I whipped up a batch when we got home, but it just went in the fridge for another day since it was so close to dinner. Chris and I had tacos since I’ve been craving them for awhile. We already had them once this week but I wanted them again for some reason. Daisy asked to go to the McDonald’s playplace after dinner so we set off for a nice walk as soon as we finished eating. Sadly there was three screaming, stomping children and the basketball game was being piped in, despite the tv being in the main dining room, so we left after only 10 minutes. Daisy won’t go in the tunnels if there are overly-loud children in them and it seemed pointless to sit there and watch her stare at the tunnels.

She was happy to come home though because the three of us played 4 games before she went to bed. She has no problem getting a game partner just about any day of the week, but it’s rare for the three of us to play together.

After all our games we had some of our banana bread, which was delicious and then Daisy went off to bed. I jumped in the shower so I’m just now ready to sit down with Chris for some time together.

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