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Easter hangover

By Tara Zandra | April 13, 2009

The Anc girls were surly today, let me tell you. I think we all had way too much excitement and chocolate yesterday because none of us were in a very good mood today. I also woke up in the middle of a semi-intense dream based on the TV show Chuck and it was really hard to shake that level of grogginess. We still managed to accomplish things so that’s good at least. Tabitha did some poetry and reading comprehension, she also practiced violin and we did math together. For ancient history she did a sea life watercolor painting to simulate a fresco. Daisy said she’d read “later” but I can tell you that unless she plans to read while she’s sleeping, “later” didn’t come today.

After lunch, Tabitha pulled out a huge lego set my dad sent her for Christmas. It’s rather intricate so Tabitha hadn’t accomplished much but was inspired by the tiny set she got in her Easter basket. She was getting frustrated though, so I stepped in to help and Daisy and I ended up finding and staging her pieces and all Tabitha had to do was attach them in the right place. The three of us enjoyed working together and Tabitha finished the entire head of the stegosaurus whereas previously she only had the lower jaw. The manual is about 84 pages so she still has a long way to go but we figure we’ll continue to work together to make it easier.

Our malaise continued into the afternoon so we decided to forgo dance class today. It was definitely for the best. Tabitha did a lot of leisure activities and I think she is fully recharged now. Daisy was excited for her bath because she got soap in the form of body paints for Easter so she enjoyed painting herself clean.

Now it’s time for Chris and I to watch Chuck- I hope it doesn’t trigger another dream.

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