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By Tara Zandra | April 10, 2009

Tabitha passed testing into intermediate 2! There was another coach working with the class and helped her with her bridge kickover (we used to call them a back walkover if that means anything to you) and she finally got it. I saw her do it 3 times in a row and that’s the only skill she needed to pass. She was so thrilled too, practically hopping around waiting her turn to show she could do it again. It’s not a full kickover in that they are on a wedge-shaped mat to let gravity help, but she couldn’t do it before and now she can. She’ll have to do it flat on the ground to pass intermediate 2, but I know she’ll get there. So the afternoon ended with a lovely surprise and lots of joy.

We did just math, US history and creative writing today. Grammar is officially on hiatus becasue I feel like it’s just not working. Grammar isn’t my strong point and I have a hard time correcting her work without looking at the answers, then I have issues explaining it if she’s wrong. So for both our sakes, I’ve researched new programs and found one that comes with rave reviews. It’s called Growing with Grammar and currently goes through 6th grade with 7th on the way. I debated between 4th and 5th so I looked at sample pages and I’m pretty sure I’ll go with 4th just to be on the safe side. If it’s a mistake, it’s not an expensive one so I’ll just get 5th instead as Daisy will eventually need it so it won’t go to waste. Speaking of Daisy, she read to Chris tonight and that marks the fourth reading of book 2 so she can now move on the book 3. She’s doing very well :)

After lessons and lunch, the girls painted plaster Easter eggs and had a good time doing the project. I set them up in the Easter decorations after they dried and they are hoping the Easter bunny will hide the eggs for them.

I battled a severe headache for the 4th day in a row. It got to the point where I was looking at spoons thinking it would be much easier to just scoop my eye out of the socket rather than deal with the pain. I took extra strength tylenol and then a facebook friend asked if I should take a sinus pill and I figured it couldn’t hurt. It didn’t help that much though it did dull the pain a little more than the tylenol did. Daisy and I went to the grocery store while Tabitha was in gymnastics and I picked up a 20oz Diet Coke with the caffeine and that’s finally what took the last of it away. Chris has promised to rub my temples and head tonight while we watch TV and that ought to really make me feel good. I tell you though, I almost think I need to completely go off caffeine all together. Many times if I have a cup or two while out and about, I get an afternoon headache- like the reverse of withdrawal. I don’t know though, it would make like difficult because I don’t like to drink anything else. The only other thing I would consider would be iced tea and it also has caffeine. I kind of like root beer so I suppose I could try drinking that while out, it’s just not exactly available at fast food places save for A&W. I’ll figure it out somehow.

Other than all that today, I did manage two more 1 page layouts from our Disney World trip. Of course, I’m only on the second day, I just took a lot of pictures. I’m still determined to finish before we go back, though.

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