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squeezing in a post

By Tara Zandra | April 10, 2009

Trying to quickly post since it’s been a couple days. I had to make the decision to postpone our Park Day egg hunt based on cold weater, wind and impending rain and we have yet to see a raindrop so Tabitha is not thrilled it’s postponed. But even without the rain, cold and wind would not be fun, especially since it’s supposed to hit mid to high 70s next week. We also don’t have book club this morning due to it being held at a church and today is Good Friday. So it’s a nice day for me! Only one place to drive and I don’t even have to make dinner early.

We really did focus on just ancient history on Wednesday and did a little bit yesterday as well. We managed two history pockets, 3 Learning The History activities, and 1 chapter in Story of the World. I also had two books on hand for additional reading for Tabitha. Yesterday we also did math, grammar, reading comprehension, spelling, US History, and French. Tabitha has hit a little wall with French in that she’s had to repeat the same grammar lesson twice and hasn’t passed it yet. She’s less than thrilled. I tried pointing out to her that Daisy is 4 and we still have to correct her grammar but I don’t think she cares. She really doesn’t like the masculine and feminine aspect but frankly she’s going to just have to get over it if she wants to learn French (which she does). I’m not at the same level as she is so not sure how much trouble I’ll have with that lesson. Just walking by it looks hard to me so I’m sure I’m in for a bit of repetition as well.

Daisy also got good lesson time in yesterday. Aside from reading to me, she also completed a nursery rhyme pocket based on Little Miss Muffet. She made a flip book and a spider as part of the activities and thought they were the best. I let her do her own gluing, of course, but did have to step in at one point and suggest just 4 drops of glue on each paper, one in each corner. After that, her flip book didn’t get quite so wet. We’re out of glue sticks so it was plain old Elmer’s glue. Daisy also did 2 pages in each of her workbooks which I think totals 5 books. She’d do plenty more if I’d let her but I can’t have her finishing the books so quick as there aren’t that many out there that I consider a good purchase. So many Pre-K books insult the kid’s intelligence if you ask me. I never did workbooks with Tabi at that age, but she didn’t have an older sibling she emulated.

After Chris was home I took Daisy to gymnastics. She did really well on her testing. She didn’t pass but only missed two skills. I’m glad she didn’t pass though because the jr. intermediate class conflicts with dance for the girls and she can’t change dance classes due to the recital performance. It was nice for Tabitha to not have Girl Scouts last night because she and Chris got some good father/daughter time in while D and I were gone. Apparently they played quite a few games together which was probably very nice for Tabi :)

Once I was home again, Daisy stuck to Chris like glue and I scrapbooked for awhile and finished a two page layout and a couple one page layouts. Tabitha and I played a game of Go Fish and also Yahtzee before she went to bed then Chris and I watched Survivor and two episodes of Friends before calling it a night.

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One Response to “squeezing in a post”

  1. Vanessa Says:
    April 10th, 2009 at 9:53 am

    >I let her do her own gluing, of course, but did >have to step in at one point and suggest just 4 >drops of glue on each paper, one in each corner

    LOL — when Gillian was in kindergarten I helped out in her classroom a few times, and the teachers’ mantra for glue was “Dot, dot, not a lot!” There were some seriously gluey art projects in that room. :)