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At least it was a beautiful weekend

By Tara Zandra | April 7, 2009

Now it’s raining and is probably going to continue a few more days this week jeopardizing our Park Day Easter egg hunt. Oh well, as I told Tabitha, there’s nothing we can do about it so no use lamenting.

Daisy decided not to ice skate today afterall. When I told her today was ice skating her face registered a look of sheer horror and she was about to put on the waterworks. So we talked again and she really doesn’t want to skate, even with me. So I withdrew her from the class and requested a partial refund which I may or may not get as it’s a case by case basis. We’ll see. But Tabitha had a great time in class so that’s good.

I was feeling pretty lousy for most of the day so I only accomplished math with Tabitha, aside from driving her to ice skating, violin and gymnastics. I got a little rejuvenating time during gymnastics because I took my ipod and listened to music while watching her in class. My current favorite playlist is pretty low key so it really worked to calm my soul. I also finished my latest Agatha Christie and found out who dunnit which is also calming :)

Tomorrow I’m hoping we can get a lot done in History since we have no where to be. We may focus just on Greece tomorrow and see how far we get. I would be happy with two history pockets, one chapter in Story of the World and two activities in Learning Through History magazine. That’s about two and a half hours of work, so we’ll see.

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