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the end of Monday

By Tara Zandra | April 6, 2009

Tabitha had a play date today for a few hours. I got some good chatting time in with my friend as well. I didn’t want Daisy to feel left out so she was promised computer time which is always a nice treat for her.

Chris came home not too much longer after our friends left and we quickly ate and then took the girls to dance. Chris and I decided to take a walk while they were in class as it was such a lovely evening. The temp was just perfect with a nice breeze and the sun low in the sky. We found a small park with a few tables and sat and chatted for a bit. The only that possibly could have made it more perfect was if the kids were playing nearby, laughing together.

Once we were home again it was time for Dodger baseball! Actually, it was 3 hours past time but we had it on Tivo. We all lounged in the living room watching the game taking breaks only to get kids off to bed. Chris and I finished the game and then moved on to Chuck. Great episode. I adore Scott Bakula and he even uttered the words “Oh boy” which made me smile. Very good episode and I really look forward to next week. They always have such good music on that show, we really need to make an effort to add some of it to our itunes library.

We finished off the evening with one episode of Friends and now it’s beddy-bye :)

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